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The MULE conception: My name is James Wilnau, a Midwest man that moved to Virginia Beach for job relocation. I purchased a condo eight blocks from the ocean and took all my personal time in trips to the beach. I would hop on my beach cruiser, ride down, found great enjoyment in watching the surfers, and convinced myself that I too could learn how to surf. I purchased a long board ( bic 10í). The first day I headed out I found that eight blocks carrying a heavy board was not fun. I was beat before I even started to surf. I did not want to drive my car with my board so I researched what the market had to offer in transporting my board by bike. All I could find was side mount hardware or carts. I did not want to mess up my bike by mounting brackets all over it and the thought of hanging a board on the side of your bike was like holding a sheet of plywood in the wind. A slight cross wind would take you off your bike or the least you could loose control of your bike. I saw adults and children holding their board with one hand and trying to control their bikes with the other. TOTALLY UNSAFE!!! Carts were ok but where do you put them when you are done or if you want to travel to another beach by car plus it required mounting hardware. There had to be another way, a better way. I developed a way to attach two tires directly to a surf board, give yourself a hand hold, and a way to slip the hand hold over a seat of a bike to trailer it behind your bike or walk with it. No tools, no hardware, NO HASSLES! Plus it sets up and breaks down in seconds. This is how the MULE was conceived. My first proto types where crude but worked great. Soon after, surfers and even vacationers were stopping me and requesting one for themselves. I teamed with the best sew shop in the country, London Bridge Trading, they produce military tactical gear and only use the best material. TOTALLY US MADE!!!. Thatís it; the MULE was developed and produced. I spent every dollar I had in producing and patenting the MULE that there was nothing left to market it. I started selling the MULE to local shops and showing it at local surfing contest. Quickly the surf community embraced the product and by word of mouth in four years time I am now selling the MULE worldwide. To this day I have not spent any monies in marketing and the MULE is now considered the #1 surfboard carrier/trailer within the surf community. I am very prideful of this product and personally stand behind every MULE produced. Thank you to all the MULE owners that have sent me encouraging and thankful letters. It has always been my goal to help families and individuals enjoy the sport they love. James Wilnau

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