The MULE makes it easy!!
#1 Compact Carrier, World Wide. Great gift for the Surfer in your life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do you guarantee your products?
A: Yes, we offer a 1 year warrenty to our product for material and workmanship if used as an individual board transport.

Q Were can I get the MULE?
A You can find the MULE at your local surf shop or bicycle shop. If they don't have it in stock, just ask them to contact us and we will see that they do. You can also contact us direct to get a listing of the shops that are now carring the MULE.

Q: Can you leave the MULE on the board when transporting by car?
A: When the MULE is cinched snuggly to the board, it becomes part of the board and can be tied down to the rack system of your car or simply stowed in your car on the board. When you arrive at your destination, load all your gear on your board and walk or ride to the beach with ease.

Q. Does the STS MULE come with straps or bunjy cords.
A. No, your local surf shop has the strap/webbing and favorite hardware store has the bunjy cords. Get an assortment of lengths and keep a back up in the STSMULE pouch. Plastic hooks work best....

Q. How much does the STS MULE weigh and how do I store it when not in use?
A. The MULE weighs aproximately 5 pounds and has quick realse pins at the wheels for ease breakdown. The MULE comes with a travel bag (12"x28"x3"). You can take the MULE anywhere you may travel or hang it in your closet. NO TOOLS NEEDED!

Q. When I fly with my board and gear, How can the STS MULE help?
A. For the international traveler, the STS MULE has proven to be a major advantage. Slip the STS MULE in your surfboard travel bag. Upon reaching your destination, attach the MULE to your boardbag, throw your luggage and gear on your boardbag and walk through the airport with less effort. The STS MULE goes with you everywhere and anywhere.

Q How do you lock the MULE when not in use?
A: Slip your bicycle cable lock through the wheels of the MULE and Bike.

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