The MULE makes it easy!!
#1 Compact Carrier, World Wide. Great gift for the Surfer in your life.
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Surfboard/SUP Carrier/Trailer

Surfboard/SUP Transport System MULE

MULE TRANSPORT PRODUCTS have engineered a method, using cloth, which attaches wheels to any size surfboard and SUP. Your shortboard, longboard, and SUP, becomes a trailer which allows you to walk or pull it behind your bicycle. The STS MULE is a new and unique way to transport your board(s) and ALL your gear to the break or waters edge in one effortless trip.
  • Two piece durable fabric. Universal tail piece fits all boards.
  • STS nose piece has a handle strap and a pocket for wax, leash, and personal items.
  • Tube tires with plastic mag wheels and quick release pins.
  • Breaks down and sets up within seconds.
  • Packs in a 12"x28"x3" travel bag(included) for easy storage. Goes with you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.
  • No perminantly attached bicycle rack. No hardware. No tools needed. NO MORE HASSLES!!!
  • Hands free controlled ride with little or no wind resistance.
Surfers will love the convienence of having the MULE in their car, airport travel bag, or home for the long walks with ALL YOUR GEAR.

WORLD'S ONLY COMPACT SURFBOARD/SUP CARRIER/TRAILER! | United States of America Patent #US 7,296,816 B2 All rights HIGHLY protected.

The STS MULE is manufactured for All-Pro Tactical by London Bridge Trading (LBT). All-Pro Tactical is part of the London Bridge Trading (LBT) and LBX Tactical family. For over thirty years LBT tactical nylon products have been coveted by the U.S. military and Law Enforcement. The LBT and LBX brands are revered around the world for their quality materials and strict manufacturing standards. We are proud to continue this tradition by providing high performance sports and equipment bags.

Let the MULE get you there!
There is NO framework! Your board becomes the frame. Trails behind your bike so a cross wind does not take you off your bike. No attachments to your bike so you can use your bike as you always have. IT JUST MAKES SENSE!

To the waters edge and beyond!
The STS(Surfboard Transport System)MULE has an adjustible nose piece which fits short, long, and StandUp Paddle Boards. Mounts in seconds with no tools or hardware. Slips onto any bicycle seat or walk with board in hand. Packs into its own travel bag.
MULE Transport Systems is now
part of All-Pro Tactical