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Hey James! THE MULE HAS ARRIVED!! Mate the Mule is a very SIC invention - thanks heaps! We took her out for a strap along the esplanade yesterday and it goes a like an absolute treat/. Thanks again, hopefully I can drum up some more interest in the Mule for you......... Cheers! Russell Warner

Hey James, Received the mule on thurs, and its been down the trail at trestles Friday and sunday. Very bitchen product. My son had it with going to all the "old man" long boarding waves and begged my to go to trestles. I hadnt made the "walk" in almost 20 years. I'm a die hard old school longboarder and didnt want to drag my 10ft 30+pound velzy down the trail. After I found your "mule" I cant get enough of the place. Thanks again and good luck Todd Ashley

James: Your Mule came last night. Took all of 2 minutes to set up and adjust the straps for my board and bike.. What a blast!!. Took it out this evening for a test run around the hood. I, (as were the neighbors) was amazed at the turning radius and how nimble it was. I especially liked the way the rear assembly acted like it had independent rear suspension. As I put it toghether I could appreciate the thought that went into it. My compliments. Now that I have the shaft into the pvc sleeve and straps adjusted I expect it will take all of 45 seconds to set up. Tha carry bag is slick. Tim


The guy just wanted to get his board to the beach without throwing out his back. At least that's what it sounded like to me when James Wilnau, inventor of the MULE, told me how his unique surfboard carrier came to life. This thing will put a smile on your face. The design is brilliant in its simplicity- the only moving parts are the wheels. The ultra-important universal joint (traditionally the weak link in bike trailers) is virtually indestructible, it's made of Special Forces-grade, ballistic webbing. If the SEALS can hang blocks of C4 off the stuff, I think it'll handle your stand up board. There is nothing to bolt to your bike, no tools are required for assembly and the carrier can handle boards from under six feet to over twelve feet (there's even a model that will transport kayaks). I first saw the MULE at my friend MOFO's house. MOFO's the most prolific Sunset Cliffs paddle surfer in San Diego- the fact that MOFO lives two blocks from Luscombe Point really works in his favor. All he needed was an easy way to get his 11' Walden down to the Cliffs. Enter the MULE. MOFO's MULE was an older version of my MULE. James was gracious enough to send me a demo unit that featured all the latest upgrades. The unit came equipped with an axle extension to accommodate the wider tails of our stand up boards, the MULE also featured the lace up nose piece that can expand or contract to fit surfboard noses of various widths. The whole thing breaks down and stows in a pack that would easily stow in an airplane carry on bag (bring it with you on vacation for hauling around that big boy). I've been using the MULE here in Imperial Beach for about two weeks now. I've beat on it- riding with it in today's light rain, throwing it on the sand at the beach, locking it to my bike (all you do is feed your cable through the spokes of the two wheels) for days on end, hauling around stand up boards from 10' to 12'. This MULE shows no sign of wearing out. A real plus of this design is once you take it off your bike it can be stored in it's carrier on a book shelf; people who live in small homes, where space is limited will really appreciate the compactness of this design. Probably the biggest testament to its worthiness is the attention it's received from other surfers around town- I've already got five guys who want one! Be talking to you soon James! Want one?: get a MULE at or contact James Wilnau at (757)650-9111


hi there, i am an irish surfer and i have just come across your website. the mule train looks great and i think it could be the key to a fantasy i have had for years, enabling me to combine my 2 passions...cycling and surfing....your design is pure genius.. KEVIN CONLON


My testimonial: I rode 155 miles over 5 days. I stayed in campgrounds and carried all my own gear, much of which was stacked on The Mule. The Mule worked perfectly both on the road and off. I recommend The Mule to anyone who is interested in completing a similar trip. Steve Swan


James, the mule is and was a great idea. I wish I'd thought of it. I live 7-8 miles from the beach and am car-less for the time being. I cart my longboard out there at least three times a week (roundtrip is 15miles), which would be impossible without the mule. Check out my pictures and you can see how I've rigged it with bungie cords and tail lights. I live in San Francisco and these are a must, what with the hills and fog. I've actually clocked myself going 40 miles per hour down some hills (which I don't recommend), but it sure is fun... Frank


James, Today was my trial run with "The Mule." The assembly was super easy (which means I didn't have to look at the directions--just look at the pictures). There was very little surf today so I used my cruiser and The Mule to haul my 11 foot longboard to The Lane to get wet. The Mule is fantastic. I barely knew my board was behind me. I was stopped no less than three times by surfers asking me where I got the cool surf trailer. I think you'll be getting some orders out of Santa Cruz soon. The only thing that pisses me off about The Mule is that I didn't invent the darn thing. Great idea. Have fun with it. Tim

Aloha James. the new nose piece fits great, took it down to the beach on my bike and worked great. Mahalo for all your efforts, customer service is always appreciated. Good Luck, Doug and Carol Harms / Molokai Hawaii
Recon 5 is back from the desert and I have to say our mission would not have been possible without the use of your MULE's. The MULE's did the lions share of the work as we towed them down 15 miles of beach, hauled them across 200 yards of rivers, and then dragged them 2 miles over rocky and hilly terrain to our mission objective, the desert point. Here is the photo link: Gents, Operation Desert Point is complete. We made it in, put some serious steel-on-target and got the hell out of dodge without any casualties and without being compromised. The mission was grueling and tough as long range reconnaissance always is but well worth the effort. Southern Baja still remains remote and dangerous but as my favorite quote goes...he who dares...wins. Hope that you enjoy the photos, the concept of the mission and the dream that you can still score uncrowded surf with just yourself and a few friends. Chaco Clotfelter