The MULE makes it easy!!
#1 Compact Carrier, World Wide. Great gift for the Surfer in your life.
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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MULE OWNERS If you are experiencing your MULE loosening on your board there are two check points that will take care of this issue. 1. Check the center strap clip that clips to the nosepiece to make sure it has not been reversed in the packaging process. This can be done by holding the clip in your hand and pulling on the longer strap going to the axle. If there is slippage you may need to unthread the strap, flip the clip to the other side, and rethread the strap. This will take care of the issue. 2. When form fitting your nosepiece, center your boards nose in the nosepiece and equally fold the sides and snug the lacing to hold the shape of your nose. IMPORTANT..after sliding the lace lock down tie a small knot or half loop behind the slide lock. This will insure your lacing from loosening. MULE Transport Products apologizes for any inconveniences this may have caused and assures you these issues are already being taken care of. If you have any questions please call me direct at 757-650-9111. Thank you, James Wilnau
Nose adjust from short to SUP
Step 1: With fin side down, slip nose piece on with lacing on top. Tighten lacing to form fit nose of board.

Adjusts to fit ANY tail!

Step 2: Adjust tail strap to JUST fit over the board tail. With padded axle and center strap on top, clip center strap to nose and TIGHTEN.

Flip It!

Step 3: Flip board over, fins pointed upward. Ready to roll!

Storage?? NO PROBLEM!!

All MULES are designed to break down and set up within seconds. Travel bag is included for compact storage. Most leave the MULE on their boards for the effortless trip to the break.

Fits ALL seats.

Slip handle strap over seat and adjust to hang just below seat or just walk with board in hand.